Why “Seeking the Balance?”

This picture reminds me that nature already has the perfect balance. This picture reminds me that nature has already attained the perfect balance.


Seeking The Balance has been a project in the making for a few years now. The title is in reference to an acknowledgment that life is difficult, that every single one of us has more dreams inside us than we could possibly accomplish in a lifetime and finding time to manage a job, a family, a living residence, and tackle our passion(s) is sometimes extremely overwhelming. The balance of these goals has always been the most trying task for me and I have noticed one of the the most discussed item with friends, coworkers, and family. Many people, it seems, have even entirely given up on their passions in light of this dilemma.


This blog will be a place to share the lessons I’ve learned so far (and continue to learn) about striving towards my ideal balance. I will write about all areas of life in which there is need for balance including but not limited to emotional and mental stamina, mental focus, diet and one’s relationship with food, physical health and exercise, social relationships, work, and pets. Though I understand that my personal idea of balance may not fit with your idea of balance, my hope is that we can all learn something from each other and find inspiration in all of our unique journeys and lessons. I am open to words of advice and featured stories and hope that comments can remain constructive and helpful as well as optimistic as we all strive for our ideal personal balance.


For the purpose of full disclosure, I am a female who tries her best to balance a full-time job, a loving husband, a beautiful and rambunctious Siberian husky, family and numerous friends and my passions for writing, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, traveling, and photography. This list comprises the main focuses of my life, but my interests could really continue for many pages, as I attempt to live without regrets and as fully as I possibly can.


My emphasis on general “wellness” and “balance” has evolved from and for the above passions. In order to fit 15-20 hours of exercise, 3-4 social engagements, traveling on an almost weekly basis, and all the other “stuff” expected of me outside of a 40-hour work week into every week, I needed to make changes in my life and strive for balance. Ironically, 5 years ago, my balance was much less complicated and yet I was more stressed by it. Despite being an introvert, I have become anxiety-free organizing and participating in social events. Despite being a natural homebody, I have become content with finding my mental “home” while traveling with friends. Despite finding appreciation of routine and ritual, I have developed excitement for spontaneity and constant change. I suppose what it comes down to is that I have become comfortable with discomfort. And *that* has made all the difference. But I am still growing (hence the “seeking” part). 🙂


What brought me to seek the balance? I would like to say it was a spiritual awakening or enlightenment under a Bodhi tree. The real motivating factor, though, was when I found myself at the lowest of lows and unbalanced of times that I finally committed my entire being to doing what should have been done long ago. I suppose the main question I’ve asked myself in my steps toward this goal which may also help you in your journey is: “What are my real priorities?” This has been a wonderful guide to discovering what amount of time and energy I want to devote to X, Y, or Z and where that will lead me 5, 10, 15 years from now. It may be that you have forgotten where are you going and where you have been and need a reminder that every day is more than just another day we are closer to death—it is also another day we have been offered to live and we only get so many. So live every day as one you can look back on and feel accomplished and satisfied that were you to die, you lived a damn good life!


As the quote goes: Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways – Chardonnay in one hand – chocolate in the other – body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming “WOO HOO, What a Ride!”


Here’s to hoping this blog can motivate you to this place where you feel that you are meeting your goal of personal balance and are achieving your dreams while also continuing to be at peace with the necessary and unfortunate burdens life throws your way.


One thought on “Why “Seeking the Balance?””

  1. I love the seeking balance section of your blog.I think we all struggle with finding the right balance in life especially as our plate of responsibilities gets bigger through the many stages of our lives. Since I am a tutor for children up and into college years, I see this with them and also their mothers especially. Being able to read from other peoples’ growth in this area will be very valuable to many. Keep up the great work! Knowledge ,and action create confidence. We all need a boost at some time.

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